What's “Hakugin”
What's “Kamaboko”

”Kamaboko” is seasoned surimi paste
that is shaped into a semicircle on a wooden board
and then grilled or steamed.

“Hakugin” is our representative kamaboko, which was approved by the Imperial Household Agency, and is made using the traditional method of “Yakinuki”.
“Yakinuki” is a method unique to Yamaguchi Prefecture in which kneaded surimi is placed on a board and slowly grilled over an open flame from underneath the board. Surimi is grilled white without browning.
This baking process is what our company is particular about, cultivated over many years of skill and experience.
The beauty of “Hakugin” Kamaboko, which is pure white and shiny like snow, is supported by this technique.

The founder, Sugimoto Rihee apprenticed himself to “Kawatome”, a manufacturer and seller of Kamaboko, and continued his training to establish “Sugimoto Rihee Honten” in 1919.

Sugimoto Rihee had a close friendship with Akiyama Tokuzo, the chief chef of the Imperial household, and had been delivering Kamaboko to the Ministry of the Imperial Household since prewar days. After the war, we received the Imperial household Agency's order in 1952, and have been delivering Kamaboko to the agency's official events such as “Kosho Hajime” and “Uta Kai Hajime” to this day.

The product name “Hakugin” was given by Mr. Matsuoka Yosuke who is minister of Foreign Affairs, in 1936 When he visited Mitajiri in Hofu where his mother lives, named “Hakugin” our Kamaboko, which he had loves its taste and its color. “Hakugin” means white like snow.

“Hakugin” has been our signature product since the establishment of the company, and has become a popular product through word of mouth from our customers, and has been improved to suit the times. “Hakugin” is pure white and shiny like snow. Please enjoy chewy and tasty “Hakugin” loved by many celebrities.



- Premium grilled Kamaboko -

An exquisite masterpiece that proudly represents our establishment, even commissioned by the Imperial household.


- Encased Kamaboko -

Steamed to produce a delightfully sophisticated chewiness.


- Richi Kamaboko with egg
and “Kikurage” mushroom -

Enhanced with egg and delicate Kikurage mushroom to produce a faintly sweet flavor reminiscent of a thick eggroll.


- Premium red Kamaboko -

The vibrant color is symbolic of prosperity and good luck, making this Kamaboko perfect for celebrations.


- Premium grilled Chikuwa -

The small hole and thickness of the fishcake produce a uniquely chewy and pleasant texture.


- High-quality grilled Chikuwa -

Carefully selected portions of fish create a supple texture with depth of flavor.


Head office

Postal Code 747-0814
1-13-16 Mitajiri, Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Tel(toll free) 0120-363-393 fax(toll free) 0120-336-339
Business hours: 9:00-17:00 Closed: Sunday and national holidays

Hofu Station store

Postal Code 747-0035
1-5-1 Sakae-machi, Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture (Rursus1F)
Tel:0835-27-5860 fax:0835-27-5862
Business hours : 9:00-17:00 Closed: Sunday

Available stores

Hakugin and other Kamaboko can be purchased at the head office, Hofu Station store,
and at famous department stores nationwide.